What do people buy when they buy something from me?

As long as I get paid, I ow my time to my customers, so the best thing I can do is paying attention to his/her needs, make sure I understand her/his expectations and then … I just meet (and sometimes exceed) these expectations. I chose my customers, because I do not want unhappy ones. Happiness is the way to success. And I want my customers to be successful, I want them to have web properties that work for them 24 hours a day.

One think I have learned is that I can never stop thinking of my clients’ needs. I have to design & develop their craft as it was my own one.

I strive to meet, and sometimes exeed, all my customers’ expectations. This is the only thing that matters to me.

This is me, David, a web designer & developer from Barcelona

So, again, what do people buy when they buy something from me?

They buy happiness, tranquility and fun! Because, yes, implementing web properties with me is also fun.