Two column blog with left sticky sidebar

Choose default bright or futuristic dark style variation!

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two column with sidebar on the left WordPress theme with clean typography and simple color palette.
Default bright demo site
two column with sidebar on the left WordPress theme with clean typography and simple color palette. Dark style variation with Zen Dots as typography for main headers
Futuristic dark demo site

The DualTone theme features

a theme for all types of creators!

Minimalistic design

Clean an minimalistic with high quality typography. Let your readers concentrate on your content!

Responsive design

All type of devices taken into account. The content of your site rules and then, let’s provide a nice way to fit it whatever the device your visitors use.

Accessible behavior

Color contrast compliant with W3C Accessibility Standards. Skip to content link available, and all active elements managable with the keyboard. Info to screen readers also provided.

Theme stye variations

For the moment, two theme style variations available. One bright and the other dark. Custom colors may be set as long as contrast is taking into account.

Two column layout

Designed to be used as a two column layout blog with a sticky sidebar on the left, as a tribute to b2/cafelog, the origins of WordPress, which was also a two column blog.

Content size template

Includes a one column layout template that fits the paragraph width, to be used in legal pages or pages with similar requirements.

Blank template

For creating any type of content layout with no constraint. Like, for instance, the page you are now looking at!

Template parts

Smaller pieces of content inside each template, that let you conveniently modify all their content: the footer, the header, the sidebar, the title area, the post content area and the area after the post content.

Theme patterns

The Dualtone theme comes with some patterns that will help you created initial content. These patterns will be shown when you create a page or a post. If you do not want these pattern to be shown, go to the theme setting page and unregister theme patterns.

Theme options

Unprecedented theme options page with the ability to show all the remote patterns, none of them or a curated list of remote patterns. You will also have the ability to unregister theme patterns, once you have taken them over.

User patterns

You are encouraged to create your own patterns by duplicating the theme patterns or by populating template parts with your own content as synced patterns. Then, once you have all your customizations done, you may choose to unregister theme patterns.

Block style variations

You will find several useful block style variations in the following WordPress core blocks: columns, cover, button, navigation and group.

Developer friendly

The teme functions is a class and you can use the DualTone as a starter theme. Each time you need a new block style variation, for instance, you just add parameters to the class constructor function.

Search engine optimized

Block styles are included only when blocks are used in a given page. The Dualtone theme is a block theme and as such, it has al the advantages that block themes have when taking into account optimization.

Translation ready

Even though there are not many meaningful strings in the front end, all of them are translatable. The theme options page has a little more content, and it’s also translatable.

Questions and answers

find out what and how!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is probably the world’s leading open source web publishing platform. It started more than 20 years ago as a blog platform and has grown to become a complete content management system, choosen by millions of companies and professionals.

What is a theme?

The term theme normally refers to the visual design or look of a particular item. In WordPress, themes are what bring design to your website. There are a lot of themes to choose, either in the official WordPress repository or in other platforms. Some themes need to be payed for and others are free.

What is open source?

Open source refers to a type of software with a certain characteristics that make it unique: not only the source code is made available to everybody, but is also distributed under certain licenses which define the terms under which it can be used, modified or shared.

There are some very important examples of open source software. The Linux operating system, Apache web server and Mozilla Firefoz web browser are some of them.

What does 100% GPL compatible mean?

GPL stands for General Public License and is one of the licenses under which the open source software may be distributed. GPL v2 was the license chosen by the creator of b2/cafelog, the original piece of software that WordPress was created from and as a result of that, WordPress has kept the same license.

Derivative works of software licensed under GPL, if distributed, must also be distributed under a GPL compatible license as stated in the GPL terms.

What is a block editor theme?

A block editor theme is a theme 100% compatible with the most recent visual editor implemented by the WordPress community called Gutenberg. It’s visual because you mainly see in the editing screen the same thing you are going to see in the public part of your website. And it’s called block editor because it’s based on the smallest pieces of content possible: blocks.

What is a pattern and what are patterns for ?

Patterns are colections of several blocks arranged in a way that have the right responsive behaviour an fulfill some design goals. The importance of patterns lies in the fact that adding pre-designed patterns in a post is much easier that adding all the blocks needed and then arrange them with the right configuration, therefore patterns may save a lot of time to content creators and even to designers and developers.

How can I start using the DualTone theme?

The DualTone theme is available and may be downloaded from the WordPress repository.

Hi, my name is David—designer & developer of the DualTone theme